Download the Publicity Materials

Please find the downloadable publicity materials below, for your use

Logo For Shirt Branding (Big)

Format .PNG, Dimension: 600 x 700px

A5 Flyer Design

Format: .PNG, size: A5

Logo For Shirt Branding (Small)

Format: .PNG, Size: 300 x 300px

Banner Design

Format: .PNG, Size: 450 x 300px

Logo for Cap Embroidry

Format: .PNG, Size: custom.

Potrait Banner Design

Format: .PSD, Size: 500 x 300px.

7ft Roll-up Banner Design

Format .PSD, Size: Custom.

Slim Landscape Design

Format: .PSD, Size: 800 x 200px

Banner Design

Format .PSD, Size: 1200 x 800px

Chest Tag Design

Format .PSD, Size: Custom

Portrait BannerDesign

Format .PSD, size: Custom

Landscape Design

Format: .PSD, Size: Custom

Promo Video HD

Format: MP4, Size: 148mb, Duration: 1.17mins

Promo Video Lite Version

Format: MP4, Size: 40mb, Duration: 1.17mins

Invitation Video HD

Format: MP4, Size: 90mb, Duration: 2mins